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Way-Point Wednesday: Death Valley

Death Valley is HUGE with tons of places to explore. But one trail in particular offers the views and rugged terrain we love so much.

The Lipp

Okay… Death Valley National Park is huge and could easily have many way-points to feature. So I will focus on one specific spot. Or trail, that is. Lippincott Mine Road, though not as famous as areas like Teakettle Junction, Ubehebe Crater, or The Racetrack, is a must drive trail when in the park. This spectacular mountain pass that was cut into the hills as access to the mines is rugged, slow going, and immensely beautiful. With some careful driving, 4×4, and a high clearance vehicle, one can ride this trail in 1-3 hours. Air down and take your time (for more on airing down check out this article). Stop and enjoy the view of the valley below and mountains on the horizon. So get out there and explore this amazing National Park!

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