Our Story

Ryan and Chris met in early 2017 and quickly discovered that they both share a passion not only for the outdoors and adventure, but for helping others achieve the experience as well.

BackroadVentures was born out of discussion on what stops folks from getting out and experiencing outdoor adventure.  What seems to be the main barrier is the daunting nature of planning – planning not only a route or destination, but what equipment and gear is really needed.  For a lot of people, adventure into an unknown can be scary.

That’s where BackroadVentures comes in – We make adventure simple.

‘Adventure simplified’ isn’t just a tag line, it’s a commitment. 

With so many media outlets (forums, magazines, videos, expos…) it is very easy to find information and even easier to become intimidated by what is found – super-built rigs, crazy expensive gear, multi-week trips across borders.  For most of us, adventuring is recreation – a way to spend time with family and/or like-minded individuals while experiencing something new.  

​BackroadVentures can help you get outside and experience an adventure, whether for just an individual or the whole family.  
Our mainstay is Overlanding – or vehicle dependent travel.  We have trips rated by relative difficulty and vehicle type.  We are working on several trips that are what we call O2x or Overlanding to something – Overlanding to remote fishing locations, Overland to ghost towns, etc. But whatever your adventure goals are, we can help you achieve them.

Meet the Team

Ryan, Chris and Danan are all passionate about the outdoors and they want to share that passion with you. Let us know how we can help you achieve your adventure goals.

Ryan Matthes

Ryan (Co-founder) has lived in some very different geographies so far – originally from the Finger Lakes region of New York, he spent high school and college in the mountains and central North Carolina, lived for a period in Southern New Hampshire, then on to North Texas, and now in Central New Mexico – all with a common theme of being outdoors and exploring as much as possible.  Boating, backpacking, biking, camping, climbing, exploring, hiking, overlanding, off-roading, etc.
Ryan and his wife Corinne, share this passion for the outdoors and have been instilling that passion in their 5 ½ year old son, Liam, traveling and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

Chris Jones

Chris (Co-founder) grew up in the woods of Southern New Hampshire where he met his wife Kayla. He spent much of that time racing dirt bikes, hiking, and fishing. After graduating with a Bachelors in Environmental Science, he and Kayla moved to Austin Texas where they lived for 7 years. They are now back in New England with their daughter, Colette, and new son, Theodore. Chris enjoys fly fishing, hunting, hiking, backpacking and off-road travel. His passion for the natural world drives his desire to share outdoor experiences with others. 

Danan Coleman

Danan lives in Florida with the woman of his dreams, Jade, and their beautiful daughter, Gwendolyn. He enjoys family play time, walks, keeping dangerous things out of Gwendolyn’s grabby little hands and exploratory adventure! The opportunity to see other places and countries are what drive Danan’s passion for travel and give him a deeper appreciationfor other cultures and for our planet. He explores in his truck with the family and with other friends on his dual sport motorcycle whenever the opportunity arises. Danan is currently 35 National Parks into his quest to stamp